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Reality Check: Caillou

I can only think of one reason why a kid would still be bald at age 5. While we’re on the subject, can someone explain to me the logic of using a bald character to endorse a shampoo?

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Context is for Sissies: Jughead

Nevermind that it’s the French version, the images speak for themselves.It seems like Kevin Keller wasn’t the first gay character in Archie comics after all.

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Context is for sissies: Marmaduke

That dog needs to get fixed something fierce.

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Speedy says: Just Say NO!

Speedy / Red Arrow / Arsenal is mostly known for being an ex-junkie. Why not put that character’s life experience into good use in order to send a positive message to the kids all around the world? Incorrect humour, I … Lire la suite

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Solved Mystery: Brutus & Bluto

Brutus is Popeye’s fat enemy from the comic strips, Bluto is Popeye’s muscular enemy (and rival for Olive Oyl’s attention) from the TV cartoons. And yet, they’re supposed to be the same guy. But how? Voila! Mystery solved.

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Reality Check: What Scooby-Doo really needs

« See? I am not beeing agressive. I am being domeenant! »

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Lame villain of the week: Baron Zemo

Suspension of disbelief is another way of saying Okay, let’s say we believe that it could be possible. Without this concept, we couldn’t enjoy Marvel Comics, in which some nerdy kid could become Spider-Man after being bitten by a radioactive … Lire la suite

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Context is for sissies: Hercules and honor

First, lecture Galactus about honor…… then sucker-punch him in the nuts! Nice going, Jerkules!

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Time Warped Garfield

Modern day Garfield seems to know something about a great mystery that’s been puzzling the readers for decades. You gotta admit, first contact with classic Odie is enough to give nightmares.

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Crossovers I’d like to see: Predator VS Aunt May

I remember back in the 90s when they’d pitch this guy against each and every comic heroes ever created. But if you ask me, they missed one golden opportunity right here. That poor Predator has no idea what he’s gotten … Lire la suite

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