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The things one finds on eBay

My girlfriend found something interesting on eBay today : These two copies of a Spiderman comic. Quote from the seller : This auction features the one of the hardest and most difficult to find Spider-Man Promo Giveaway! Rare book has … Lire la suite

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Lame Villain of the Week: Dr DEMONICUS

According to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1989) the guy exposed himself to radiation in order to gain super powers. In one rare realistic twist for Marvel Comics, he just contracted skin cancer instead. Reality soon went down … Lire la suite

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad World

This is an image by Jack Davis taken from an old issue of Mad. I don’t know which one but it was in the 70s.The very same joke, signed Carlos Gimenez, can be seen on the cover of this 1991 … Lire la suite

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Super-Plagiarism II

Cowboy Henk is a Belgian comic series written by Herr Seele and drawn by Kamagurka who seemed to be a little bit inspired by some American comic hero I just can’t recall the name at the moment.

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