The things one finds on eBay

My girlfriend found something interesting on eBay today : These two copies of a Spiderman comic.

Quote from the seller : This auction features the one of the hardest and most difficult to find Spider-Man Promo Giveaway! Rare book has both Batman and Spider-Man together!

Okay, first, nope, this was NOT a Spider-Man promo giveaway. This was a parody comic which was included in an issue of Quebec’s monthly French comic magazine Safarir in 2002.

Let’s see what the 2nd seller has to say :


Wrong again! This was NOT a Marvel/Safarir collaboration. This was 100% Safarir. The only link between both companies was freelancer Michel Lacombe who worked for both (and still does stuff for Marvel and DC today) who made a 5 pager about Mary Jane Parker Watson talking about the pros and cons of having a superhero husband.

As for Batman, the X-men and Superman appearing in this issue, yes, they do… In ONE panel, for a group shot.

And I should know : I was the editor and I wrote about half of this comic myself. That’s why my name is all over it.

And if there remains a doubt about this NOT being promotional Spider-Man material, even if you don’t read French, I’m sure you can figure out what this mention at the top of the cover means:


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