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Steven Universe & Les Simpson

Une fois de temps en temps, je me rappelle que ce blog existe.  fa que, aujourd’hui, je vais poster un fan-art.  Je regarde beaucoup la série Steven Universe ces temps-ci, et comme probablement tout le monde, je n’ai pu m’empêcher … Lire la suite

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Captcha Comics

Captcha are these words you have to type on some webpages in order to prove you’re a real person and not a bot. Usually made of two words picked at random, captcha sometimes make a funny sentence. And when that … Lire la suite

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Solved Mystery: Brutus & Bluto

Brutus is Popeye’s fat enemy from the comic strips, Bluto is Popeye’s muscular enemy (and rival for Olive Oyl’s attention) from the TV cartoons. And yet, they’re supposed to be the same guy. But how? Voila! Mystery solved.

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Crossovers I’d like to see: Predator VS Aunt May

I remember back in the 90s when they’d pitch this guy against each and every comic heroes ever created. But if you ask me, they missed one golden opportunity right here. That poor Predator has no idea what he’s gotten … Lire la suite

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Remember these amalgam comics Marvel/DC made in the late 90’s. I really liked the concept, so I came up with some amalgams of my own.

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